Maybe you feel alone? Maybe you feel worthless? Maybe you think you waste everyone’s time with your problems/feelings. Maybe just breathing fuels your feelings of despair and the only thing you can manage is sleep.
You probably won the depression lottery. It is estimated nearly 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression according to the WHO.
Social stigma is one of the biggest factors preventing effective care.
Do the whole world a favor and be proactive with those you love. Let them know they are NOT alone.


Depression doesn’t respect the holidays.  It is the Grinch.  It is the Scrooge. It is the devil in a red Santa suit come to steal all your beautifully wrapped silver linings.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number



All the channels

Dance with static

As she sits silent

Inhaling the dark

Perspective fuzzy

And Vodka blurred

Turning memories

Of laughter into

Cries of terror

Blood drips slow

Into gelatin pools

Sticky strands of

Plush synthetic

Absorbing it all

She waits for

The show to start

The symphony

Of the dead

Bones cracking

Knick Knack

Paddy whack

As the world

Crushes her



And pulls

The curtain



14 thoughts on “CURTAIN CALL

  1. A powerful poem!! Love your title…telling the mind to shut the F off…yep, so true. I would like to reblog this to my blog Stop the Stigma. It IS that time of year when many are struggling with mental illness and add to that loneliness and isolation do not make good combinations.

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  2. An immensely powerful poem, Sunset, and I’m glad you’re sharing the information and letting people know it’s good to reach out and ask for help. It really is.


  3. Also, and I feel bad about this… but I had to ignore your friend request on Facebook once again… because my wife is the jealous type… and you are a hottie with those huge, haunting eyes… but we are still friends in real life, right?


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