BLACK FEAR a true story


Her eyes flew open

And black fear

Sprang to life and jumped

From her pupils

Adrenaline pumped

Fast and hard

Into every breathing cell

Supercharging them

Killing some with demands

Animating her still body

Into a pliable marionette

She threw off the covers

Texted her boss an apology

And high-tailed her arse

Adrenaline still pumping

Out her front door

And off to work

Nearly an hour late



8 thoughts on “BLACK FEAR a true story

  1. You know what is even worse? Waking up…jumping out of bed in sheer panic….fully awake when a short time before you were all dreamy and drowsy and safe asleep?
    Realising you had just woken up from a nap..and it’s later in the evening..and not actually morning OR it was the weekend. lol

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  2. I’ve had almost that happen, definitely the fear, but then looked again at the clock with eyes no longer sleep clogged and saw the “8” was actually a “3”. Yea, try to relax and go back to sleep. Right, sure. At least there was no texting then.

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