Please welcome Mac Dickson McCannell to #BeReal.


Be real…

Two simple words that mean so much. When I was asked to explain what “Be Real” means to me, I was at first confused and yet, excited. It has taken me weeks to figure out what angle I wanted to approach.

I think why I was confused, was because I knew it would take some introspective thought on my part. Something, I do not take enough time doing.

I talk with thousands of people everyday on the radio, and very often talk in front of hundreds at a time in public. That’s when I am the most comfortable. Put me in a one-on-one situation and I get nervous. I am a social introvert. I am very comfortable making new friends through social media. On the other hand, in “real” life, I have very few, if any, close friends.

This is my reality.

I have always been this way. Great with a group of friends. Good friends with many, best friends with none. I have always been jealous of those that have a close, personal relationship with a friend.

Be happy if you have a close friendship with someone you can share your feelings. I have never been able to open up, in fear that my intimate thoughts would be ignore or rejected.

This is my reality.

I am me. I speak my mind. It can sometimes get me in trouble, however, it helps me sleep at night, knowing that I am always true to myself. I trust my gut. It always tells me the truth.

I learned very early in my career that I have to always do what I think is right. That doesn’t mean I am always right, but if I do not speak my opinion on a subject that effects me, than I have no right to complain later.

This is my reality.

I am a Dad. I never feel I have done enough for my children. It does not matter how much they have grown or how much success they have achieved, I feel like I should have done more and continue to do more. Parenthood: The never ending job that you can not retire from and that you can not leave.

This is my reality.


Mac Dickson McCannell is living his dream as the morning co-host on one of the legendary radio stations in Maine, 92 Moose. He lives in the most beautiful state in the USA with his family and way too many pets.


6 thoughts on “#BeReal – MAC DICKSON MCCANNELL

  1. I’m glad you’re a dedicated father – I think parenthood is just one of those things. It sounds never-ending, and as with everything in life, there’s always room for improvement. I feel kind of sad you haven’t found someone to be close friends with – it’s wonderful – I hope maybe you’ll find someone in future 🙂

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