Please welcome David Ellis to #BeReal.


Embracing Your Animal Instincts, Choose Love, Not Fear

OK, so here it is – the real me. Uncut, cut loose and out on the streets.

(Don’t you dare call the police – I’ll be good, I promise!)

For all of my sins, I’m a writer.



I’m a crazy cat lady.



And I’m also a crazy dog lady.


Let me be frank – I adore pets. And for me, that’s about as real as it gets. Just ask anybody who knows me on Facebook!

Making people laugh is one of my pet passions (along with puns – is it that obvious?)

Humor is terrific motivational medicine for the soul (and unlike actual medicine does not require a spoon full of sugar to make it go down).

I believe in being an inspirational beacon to others and to help them overcome problems and issues that they encounter in their lives. Animals help me to do this. No, really they do! Trust me on this. Allow me to explain. Pull up a chair and get comfortable.

Got some liquid refreshment? Put your feet up? Cleaned the gunk out from between your toes? Good, here we go!

Animals have a very real way of sharing their adoration and emotions. They are unencumbered by human traits of self-conscious fear, anxiety, hate, self-loathing or other negative emotions that often tangle us up in knots, affecting us to the point of self-defeat and endless procrastination. We’re a complicated species and it is refreshing to be able to observe how simple things are in the animal kingdom and how we can learn from them.

To me it is a very clear, raw and beautiful phenomenon, animals are completely not afraid to display their feelings in the way that they carry and express themselves. It’s something that I try to tap into when writing fearlessly because it is an honest reminder of how we should treat others as peers and equals if we too want to be treated with mutual warmth, endearment and respect.

I write poetry to inspire others in their daily lives. When I first started writing poetry, I was trying to make sense of the things that often don’t make sense in life. I wanted to embody all of the things that I felt at the time and to create a map to help us find a path out of the darkness that we inevitably face at key points in our lives. I’ve quickly realized that the poetry that I write and identify with the most is inspirational, philosophical and/or romantic in nature. By expressing how I am feeling in a given situation, I can quickly identify and empathize with others. As a consequence of this, I offer advice by encompassing aspects of kindness, strength, support and compassion.

To be real to me is to be generous and to share as much as you can, to display kindness and affection in everything that you do and to collaborate with like-minded individuals to help make the world a better and more enjoyable place for us all.

Let me tell you a story of what keeps things real for me and keeps me focused every day.

My father contracted bacterial meningitis that made him blind several years ago. He is also deaf in one ear, partially deaf in the other and has bad balance. We honestly thought he was going to die from his illness. He was hooked up to machines to help him to breathe but he fought his way back from the brink to be with us.

He has never let his afflictions stop him from being himself and creating great art. It is because of this that he is and will always be my greatest inspiration and my number one reason to succeed and to finish anything that I put my mind to. His animals instincts have kicked in and kept him going through thick and thin. He has chosen love over fear to be his anchor.

We are all going to have to bear terrible burdens in our lives and we can either chose to let them drag us down or we can anchor ourselves, make peace with the loss/heartache/sorrow the situation has caused and then move on, more determined than ever to make progress and put the past behind us.

Animals do not let fear hold them back when it comes to making decisions with their lives, they act with purpose and are therefore our best teachers, empathizers and role models.

I’ll leave you with a quote that Jim Carrey once said that has been my mantra for a very long time now.

JimCarrey (1)

Never be afraid to express your love for the people that mean the most to you and never be afraid to tap into your own animal instincts.

Take the steps you need to achieve your dreams, they are closer than you think.



Arthur Ellis – Blind Artist – www.blindartist.co.uk

David Ellis – TooFullToWrite – www.toofulltowrite.com

David Ellis is a Word Magician and Contemporary Poet. He is an author of poetry and humorous Short Stories. Indiana Jones is his spirit animal.


24 thoughts on “#BeReal – DAVID ELLIS

  1. I’ve often suspected – No, I’m sure, that if any of out non-human sentient being companions on this planet were to think in such terms, they would say we human are all driven quite mad by the complications invented by our oversized brains and use of language. Still, some of them have enough compassion for our afflictions to love and trust us anyway. Thanks, David

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    • Hey there Bob. Thank you for the insightful comment 🙂 We do drive ourselves mad with the complications and stresses of our daily lives. It’s up to us to focus on what is important and what matters most to use without going bonkers in the process. And thank you for the reblog too, very much appreciated 🙂

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  2. Nice post hasty;

    i not one for baby magick, magick doesn’t like parlor tricks, as for the lower species, well lets just keep my mouth shut!

    Well poetri, has become a new love for me, thanks to you hasty,

    in which i do miss our little playful writing back an forth… Give a kiss to hasty kid for me..


    When will you be getting your talk show… It would look so good on you…

    hugs & kisses chris


  3. This is wonderful, thank you for sharing my message with the world Hasty 🙂 – I will reblog this a bit later but you have done an excellent job putting it together for me, I couldn’t be more pleased and happy to be inspiring others in your amazing series – cheers 🙂


  4. No doubt, David you are one of my favorite person on the Blogosphere. One day, I seriously hope we meet and we will see who hogs the fattest slice of cake and i am going to show you endless cute cat pictures 😀 PROMISE

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  5. Everything you say here about animals is so true. My cat and dog teach me all that, every day.
    I continually try to fight the fear that being blind can carry and focus on the love I have. I agree with you, with what your father has taught you, and am taking some of the steps necessary to reach my dreams. That involves writing, music, podcasting, and reading this makes me want to return to my long missed love of art. I would like to figure out how to return to that. Thank you.

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    • Hey there Kerry. Thank you ever so much for commenting and sharing your experiences. You sound very creative and you should pursue all of those areas that you mentioned, you should never restrict yourself to one medium if you are passionate about them all 🙂 My father uses Blu-Tac, rubber bands, stencils and other techniques to establish perimeters for his pictures but uses a variety of different utensils to vary the effects. If you embrace the fact that every piece of art that you make will come out differently each time that you do it, it makes the process even more exhilarating. My Dad has over three hundred pieces now and still counting! I’m sure that you could make some very beautiful abstract art with whatever you can lay your hands on. And I would love to give your cat and dog a big hug, I’m happy that you get such joy from your pets, the really are the greatest 🙂

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  6. Very encouraging and insightful words. I need to read things like this often. I don’t let my situation get me down, but I do have bouts of depression (being confined to bed and paralyzed). I get blindsided. I can be having a great day and off comment, a sound (like the bang of a closing door, a image on TV, etc. So thank you very much for this post

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    • Hey there Nancy. You are very welcome and I’m sorry to read about your circumstances. This is exactly why I try to be as encouraging, nurturing and supportive of people as possible, the greatest gift in the world is to be able to help and mentor others and make them feel like they are getting the best out of life whatever has happened in the past. Take all the positive energy that you can from words as often as possible, they are magical and can lighten up even the darkest places when they are inspirational and full of heart 🙂

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    • Hey there Lee. I’m so glad that you found inspiration from it. I sincerely enjoy encouraging and supporting others and I’m glad that you found my words to be a useful source of motivation. Have a great weekend 🙂


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  8. Thanks again for another excellent interview! Jason is such a talented artist. This entire community is full of such talented people. I never post much, but I just had to finally come out of the woodwork and thank you for everything you do on this site!Randy


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