1. Powerful and true. It’s sometimes scary to think about. Most people want to blame others for whatever situation they’re in but the truth is that the choices we’ve made (good or bad) is what got us where we are today––our choices and nothing else.


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  3. I had first seen this re-posted by Wet Bliss and mistakenly thought it was hers. I am new here and so didn’t notice the re-post link. She immediately corrected me. I started following her recently and LOVE all of her stuff. So anyway, her link brought me here and I wanted to convey that “Commanding Choices” just floored me. Such a stark image. And that moment “when the world fades” can be terrifying…if we let it. But it can also be exhilarating, can’t it? That in itself is a choice. But it is a hard choice to make sometimes that requires a great deal of pure will.

    Amazing, thanks.


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