Written by HastyWords 12/27/12

Sometimes I HATE my inner dialog!



Words dissolve

Into pools

Of deception


Smile rots


Teeth riddled

With broken

Torn up flesh

Eyes hidden

Behind a mask

You are the

The liar that

Hides inside of me

Torturing me

With hope

With dreams

You tell me

I will never realize

13 thoughts on “LIAR INSIDE

  1. Ah, but thankfully, you recognize this ne’er do well, which allows you to render him toothless and inept, fo you are the superhero HASTYGIRL!


  2. oh!!! wow!!! This poem hit us straight through our teeth. I love this one. Trusting people today is an issue we got to get to know people very well, in order for us to know if they are liars or honest people. Great job in this piece.

    Happy New Years Hasty. 🙂 I’m back! 🙂

    Say, Do you have Skype?


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