The guitar strums

The rhythm slow

Carrying us

On musical bubbles

Through night’s sky

Shaded purple haze

Dotted starry life

A foreign journey

To dreams uncharted

I like how you move

You step into me

Stare into my eyes

Do you like them?

I hope so

All they see is you

Jumping clouds

Fresh air filling lungs

New adventure

Setting sail to songs

Building roads

To the top of the world

Waiting for snowy skies

To cover old lives

Like castaways

Since the moment we met

Looking at each other

As if

Colored disco lights

Swirled on the floor

And on all the walls

And we just knew

The world was waiting

For us to dance

4 thoughts on “DANCE WITH ME

  1. Close your eyes
    and dance
    to the music
    I Make with you
    finger strum
    the snare
    that reach
    along the body
    past the neck
    move to the beat
    or hearts
    keep drumming
    pulling kisses
    biting lips
    on passionate
    open your eyes
    and dance
    for me
    take me on
    a river wild
    and set a world
    on fire
    with the music
    we are making.

    Your words are always so inspiring. taking me places and make me dance on music that form with your words.


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