I’ve thought about you
Though I’ve tried not to
The world sat silent, not even a sigh
As you tore holes in my picturesque sky
I used to hold my breath and ask God
Why hasn’t the dark swallowed the world?
He used to hold my hand and say
How can I repair wings that were never born to fly?

I used to blame you
Though I try not to
For all the walls you coated in my blood
The tears that would become my flood
I gave myself away to the night winds
Let them carry me further than daybreak
And I discovered something deep within
That I left hidden covered under a mountain of mud

I don’t forgive you
Even though I’ve tried
The smile you carried around for show
The way you wasted everything for blow
Those are the things that starved my bones
Left me shattered under mountains of sorrow
Those are the moments that painted my life
But somehow despite you I felt love begin to grow

I won’t forget you
I won’t even try
Because you are the monster I fought and knocked out
The enemy that tried unsuccessfully to fill me with doubt
I searched every nook and cranny of my being
And evicted all signs of the traps you’d been setting
I tore off my useless wings and stripped down and suited up
And showed the entire world what resolve, and love, and beauty were about

12 thoughts on “SURVIVING MONSTERS

  1. As I read, the photo keeps playing in my head, weathered floorboards, aging deck, verandah, sometimes it hard to find the right oil for Autumn, its wild flowers, its fruits. For sure, a wild harvest, that’s what comes to mind, native fruits, nuts, and leafy greens, wild mountain thyme and other wild herbs. A different place the mountains and their rivers, songs pure like autumn rain falling on evergreens and Fall’s gold.

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  2. I had to read this three times. I read most prose/poetry at least twice.
    I read this a third time because it reads like a very beautiful and powerful song. I could hear the chorus, i could hear the breaks where a voice could really drive the words home.

    I find it heartbreaking how many people can relate to this, worst of all because so many are people I know and love. Clearly there are too many monsters hiding in the shadows.

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