My #BeReal guest today is Holley Perry.

In preparing today’s post I discovered something pretty kick ass about Holley I didn’t know – she has interviewed some pretty cool REAL people.  Check out her interview page HERE.

I also discovered this little gem HERE.

Holley, thank you for allowing us to get to know you better.  You have some mad interviewing skills.  Thank you for being real. It seems to me you bring out the REAL in so many others.

mail.google.comI have tattoos that you can’t see. I don’t have body piercings, which I would like to change. Since I was in college I have wanted to get my nose pierced. I let someone talk me out of it. Why did I let someone influence me like that? It’s because I thought she knew better than me. I thought she knew me better than me. Neither statement is true. It’s true that I haven’t seen her for several years. It’s also true that I would not live my life in the same way she has. Unfortunately, I have let fifteen years go by before seriously thinking about getting the nose piercing.

Things happened – like having kids. I didn’t want my kids to pull out the nose piercing. I don’t like pain that much. I had several jobs that really frowned on piercings and tattoos.

One of my friends said something that has made me rethink what I’m doing with my life. She could not imagine taking out her piercings for anyone. Do I really want to work for people that don’t appreciate who I really am? I’m a tattooed mom. I have always been a tattooed mom. So why not get the nose piercing because that’s who I want to be. A tattooed mom with a nose piercing and pigtails.

What does it mean to be real?

It means to listen to that voice that says what is right for you and what isn’t. If you don’t listen to your voice, you will get distracted by someone else’s voice, which probably won’t be right for you.

What do you think most people think about you by just seeing your picture?

They might think that I’m fun and really outgoing. They might not think I’m real enough because I wear too much lipstick and eyeliner. Yet, I don’t dye my hair. Can you see all of the grey hair in the pigtails? I wear lipstick and eyeliner just about every day. I still like wearing pigtails, even though I’m 40.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

Most people are surprised that I’ve been homeless. I also spent one night in jail. One night should be enough for anyone. I turned all of that negativity around with the help of the people in my support system. It was time to get busy living the life that I wanted. It’s up to me to make it work. I’m a huge fan of Tim Gunn also, which may be surprising. Maybe not.

People are also surprised when I beat them in Trivial Pursuit. People underestimate what I can do because I’m quiet and have a good sense of humor. Don’t underestimate quiet, funny people. Quiet, funny people are smart.

People are also surprised that I have a smart mouth. It’s that quiet thing. They don’t think I’m listening but I am.
If you could see my YouTube mix, you would be shocked. I can’t even tell you all of the things that I don’t want you to know about that list.


I’m a mom, girlfriend, blogger, fangirl, music lover. survivor, bucket list achiever. There are so many things that I want to do. My kids are embarrassed by my dancing in public. I think I have the moves like Jagger. Contributor on Huffington Post. Blogger at Chasing Destino.

Link to Chasing Destino
Link to Huffington Post

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5 thoughts on “#BeReal – HOLLEY PERRY

  1. Ok. I love you. Can’t help it. I love you. I kept thinking about not getting my first tattoo, but didn’t let anyone stop me. They were on my wrists. Now they’re also on my back, inside upper arm, and on my forearm, with more to come. I just find jobs that allow me to do that. Well, along with the fact that my hair is purple and blue right now. I need to get new piercings, lets go. Pain isn’t bad at all, depending on where you want, real quick like a pinch. Promise. Let’s go!

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