My dearest little one

Your struggles

Will be my struggles

Your heartache

Sorrow and despair

Will burden me as well

I will be with you

To help you through them

As they strengthen you

As they mold you

Into the strong woman

I pray you will be

For now though

You can hold my hand to cross the street

For now though

You can use my shoulder to rest your fears

For now though

You can trust in the comfort I will provide

Because too soon

Life will try to tackle you

But you’ll be ready

To tackle life back

27 thoughts on “YOU WILL STRUGGLE

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  2. My little girl turns 22 next week she will officially be older than I was when I had her, in our case she was so different from me almost my polar opposite in some respects, I could not always understand how she was feeling because she went through things that were totally alien to me all I could do then was listen and try to empathise.


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