This piece speaks for itself.  Thank you Logan for being beautifully brave !



What Autism Means to Me
Logan Beck

It is awesome to be different. It’s genetics. Our DNA makes us all unique, that is what God wanted. Acceptance is a big word but it’s really easy to do. Why would God place us all on the earth to be the same, I don’t want to be like everyone else. Why do some accept people in books and movies like Harry Potter, people who aren’t real but I’m real and some don’t accept me? I do awesome things.

I’m a great friend. I’m a gamer, love all things science, and creating new theories. I’m proud to be a quirky nerd.

We all have special powers. Others aren’t any better than mine, unless they can fly or shoot lasers from their eyes, that’d be cool. My mom and dad’s special powers are humor and sarcasm. I definitely have both of those powers but only use them for good and not evil.

I forgive the bullies who were cruel to me. I forgive the grown-ups who were mean to my mom and dad. I believe they bully because something bad happened to them and I’m sad for them. They are unhappy people and want others to be unhappy, too. What kind of life is that? Not a fun one.

Any kid that is different just wants to be accepted. We want to be loved, to have a friend or two, to be who we are, quirks and all. It is not nice when people make fun of us, tease us, and laugh at us. If people have questions, they should just ask. Don’t point and be a jerk.

If people accept God and Jesus why can’t they accept whom He has created? He created me, He made me different and He made me awesome! I know sometimes I don’t always look people in the eyes or answer loud enough or know what to say, but I love everyone and I promise, I am listening. Sometimes I just need a minute to think to know what to say. I’m not being rude I just need a moment. I want you to hug me but sometimes it makes me feel awkward but give me time, I’ll hug you back. I’m more of a high five/fist bumps kind of kid.

I’m not a number that the doctors or researchers put on a piece of paper. I’m not just on the autism spectrum or high functioning or a mad science genius (or humble). I’m more than that.
I am me.

Just call me Logan and watch me change the world with the Awesome Phenomenon.


Andrea Johnson Beck resides on Awesome Street in North Carolina with her socially awkward husband, quirky son, Logan, and fuzzy pup, Bear. When she isn’t filling her teenager’s brain with knowledge, culture, and education, she is working on her next novel. She enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets…no; try coffee, wine, and chocolate.
She and her son are writing a homeschool book together, expected to release early 2015 with full on awesomeosity. Andrea has published two novels, Deadly Deception and Deadly Revelation. Hush, Mary is a creepy short story she and Logan wrote and was recently released. All books can be found on Amazon.



28 thoughts on “WHAT AUTISM MEANS TO ME

  1. I love those people with autism. I admire their courage and will to be part and belong to normal persons. I admire also the parents who patiently help them and support their needs. Autism is not a communicable disease and thus, we should not treat them differently.

    I have seen people with autism’s who are famous and live their life to the fullest. They are young at heart in which there is no envy and hatred towards others.

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  2. Logan, thank you so much for writing this. The thing I like so much is that ANYONE could have written this, and it would still ring true. You have seen what is at the heart of being human – positive relationships with one another.

    Bless your boots for writing here. You have a glorious, shinybright soul, and I hope the world never changes that.

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  3. This is so awesome. I love following the adventures of Logan & Andrea via Facebook. 😉 Andrea, you are such a lucky mama. You’ve done an amazing job raising your son. He is a phenomenal kid, and an old soul.

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