We were both working late again and normally I just yelled goodnight before I left. But not tonight. I was finally going to talk to this man I couldn’t stop thinking about.I made my way over to his office and peered around the door frame.

Quietly I began,”I’m about to leave.”

He doesn’t even look up.

A little bit louder I begin again. “So what do you do in here every night?  I mean… What I mean is…”

Dammit, tongue-tied I stopped, looked at the floor, and tried to regroup. This man had been on my mind from the day he took the job. Our eyes met ONE time, just once and I couldn’t shake the feeling that if our eyes had met again that we would both be goners.

Finding my friendly non-committal voice I say,”What I mean is… you’re always the last to leave. You never come out of your office unless you’re greeting a new client.  I guess I was just wondering why?”

My voice was shaky and I was making a fool out of myself. He continued at his desk typing something on his keyboard.  Does he even realize I’m here?

“Anyway, I’m on my way out and just thought maybe you might possibly want to ummmm…”

I was fumbling. This was a disaster.

“ummm…” I faltered.

Damn…I never wear heels but today I wore heels. In fact, I wore a dress and I never wear dresses. Here sits a man I had been fantasizing about for months – alone – nobody around and I am a complete failure.

Under my breath I say “Never mind” and turned to leave.

My bloody heels betrayed me and I fell half in and half out of his office skirt exposing half my ass.

I didn’t move… I just laid there willing myself invisible. I was afraid if I moved my invisible self would be exposed.

And I prayed.

I prayed he was so enthralled in his work that he never even saw me walk in.

“Dawn?” his voice was behind me just a moment before I felt my skirt being pulled back down to cover my lower half. Thank God I wore underwear.

“Are you OK?” his hand landed in the middle of my back as he crouched down next to me.

I nodded my head still face down in my arms. “I’m fine, I am just gonna lie here for a bit and try to transport myself to another dimension.”

“Would you like to go to dinner?” he asked so casually I started to laugh.

“Is that a no?” he asked as he started to rub my back like a mom rubs her toddlers back to calm them down. “I was just typing you an email when you walked in. I want to take you to dinner and tell you how beautiful you look in a dress. I also gave my two weeks notice today so I would really like it if you would go to dinner with me.”

I stopped laughing and pushed myself into sitting position. “You quit?”

Our eyes met. I was right… we were both goners.

“Yes I quit, I can’t very well work at the same place with the girl I am going to end up marrying. “

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