David Ellis and I have written a few duets together Destination Destiny   Seductive Nature    Perfect Imperfections   Seafaring Scallywags and Equestrian Maidens .  Not only is he a master with words he is way smarter than I am (and that isn’t me slamming myself…he is just that smart).  He is often the first one I notice taking on any poetic challenge and unlike me I bet he is capable of writing an Epic Poem everyday if he put his energy into it.  He is always happy…always polite…and truly one of the most compassionate bloggy people I have met.

I have had some pretty heavy blog posts the last few days and I knew of nobody better than David to help lighten the mood a bit.  I hope you enjoy today’s compassion post.


“The Kitten Of Compassion” by David Ellis

Love is the wildest, most unpredictable thief on the planet
It either nourishes your soul or tears you clean in two
Sounds heavenly, tastes divine, touches sensuously
Its hungry look can slay in an instant
Its smell raising hell between the satin sheets

I feel it in the air, colors seem more vivid
Triggering passion in my bones whenever you’re around
I see it in the words you use and your tone of voice
You’re more majestic than Queen Elizabeth of Buckingham Palace
(As you can no doubt tell, I’m British)

I said it was unpredictable
Yet sometimes it can be quite plain and simple
Uninvited, unrequited, unbearable yet still welcome
I don’t know what its doing half the bleeding time
Horses for courses I suppose

I hunger for more each day even when I’m full
Doesn’t matter where I am in equilibrium
On the demand/supply curve of this kingdom
I’m still an affectionate kitten of compassion

I yearn for a heart not cold as forged marble
That speaks to me softly as it beats, an orchestral marvel
Fuelling my ascent, taking us both to the heavens
Davey Crockett right here respects people and their emotions

I can see that one day dreams will come true
That guided by a nourishing light of mutual companionship
Each day takes on a more desirable and engaging hue
Of course not all people are at risk, some are even immune
I’m certainly not one of those though by any shape or opinion
A buoyant pancake on the great steaming grill pan of life

I know that if I keep fighting and don’t stop for one second
Even if it’s to catch my breath, I’ll still keep on going strong
Until I hear the sirens and the paramedics, whoops, a bit too long!
Let me start again when my blue lips go red again

As I utter the immortal words “Gato con guantes no caza ratones”
(A cat with mittens cannot hunt mice)
I must launch myself headfirst full of dedication and courage
I am reminded of Puss In Boots and his wonderful eyes, as he said
“My thirst for adventure will never be quenched!”
I’ll leave the door unlocked this time
And my heart on display in an ornate glass case
I’ll be waiting

IndyAbout the Author:
If David Ellis was a thriller, he’d be relentlessly fast paced, engaging and impossible to put down! I’m a lyricist, collaborative poet, haiku fiend, comedian, editor, podcaster and writer. My blog toofulltowrite has useful tips and techniques for writers. Join me on Twitter for fun and frolics (@TooFullToWrite). I’m also Chief Marketing Officer for the Dalai Drama. Follow the drama daily on our FaceBook Page at and may your life be filled with much humor and wisdom!”










  1. I love your words, so simple and so honest. I love simple poetry that speaks soft and beautiful words without exhausting the mind 😀

    I also love reading and writing about Love. I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Not necessarily loving the opposite sex but just to be full of love and feel it all the time.

    Keep loving and keep going you’re very talented!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow – what a wonderful comment to read about my work! Thank you so much for taking the time to both read and reply, this is exactly the kind of thing that motivates me to write these pieces. Have a great weekend 🙂


    • Hey there Val, thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it very much 🙂 That particular line came from what was initially a terrifying experience of working with twenty different prompts within the same poem but looking back on it now it really gave me that chance to explore both passion and humor within the same piece. Glad you liked it, I fell all happy and buoyant like the pancake now. Have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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