How come nobody told me
The fucking edges are liquid
There are no solid ledges
No lingering to look down
No safe place to rethink
Because the edges are liquid
Calming from a distance
They ripple, roll and wave
Eventually pulling you in
Lulling you into a dream
But once inside fantasy
The edges are redefined
And you are drowning
Inside those liquid edges
And your dreams change
Into malicious visions
Where skyscrapers are bent
And there is no way to measure
Just how far out of reach
You let reality slip

10 thoughts on “LIQUID EDGES

  1. A friend
    Once had a vision
    Standing, hands clasped
    Along a line
    Sharing strength
    Sharing burdens
    Sharing hopes
    Sharing hurts
    Carrying one another
    And lifting each other
    In triumph.

    And here I stand
    One foot on the ground
    The other forever
    In mid-air
    For you…

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  2. The edges are liquid because we all came from the water… we are creatures of the sea. We lived in the sea much longer than we lived on land. The sea is our mother. Also, water is sexy… moistness is sexy… wetness is sexy… water caresses you, envelopes you, you slide within it, through it… water is life… it is also a good idea to drink lots of water after you go out drinking… just sayin’… oh, yeah


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