I’ve been here


Here and there

But mostly here

And I am tired

Monsters chase

Demons follow

Consistent bellows

From the gallows

Sheeted ghosts

Worn out

Torn holes

Becoming rips

Leaving me here

Trying to decide

If I should continue

Not just here

But there as well

Some days

I am the sheeted ghost

Hanging from the gallows

Hung by my own

Self worth

And there I rest

Because although

I am tired

Because although

I am worn out

I continue on

And I remain




23 thoughts on “HUNG

  1. Eww, I like it very much! Well said.

    I’ve been musing over the concept of gallows humor lately. I too share that white sheeted ghost feeling, with all the gloom and thick fog rolling in, but even then my own melancholy starts to seem a bit amusing and out of place, surreal and overly dramatic. I suppose being able to laugh at ones self is a good thing or else I’d be drifting in that fog far more than I already do.

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  2. I know… I know… you have demons and darkness in your soul… but you also have light and love and happiness and caring and sweetness and kindness and music and poetry… and I am crazy about you… and a little drunk… so… uh… are you back?

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