BeFunky_4fee254036c311e3bb6122000a1f9d92_8.jpgWritten by JStewart413 and HastyWords


At times
I can’t tell
If I’m walking
Upside down
As I drown
In seas
Of evergreens
My hair
Rooted to the ground
And my feet
Lost in the clouds

It’s all so
Very mixed up
As I watch
The stars
To the beating
Of my heart
As planets
Rotate around
All my thoughts

These very depths
I hear my own steps
Echoing across space
Resonating across time
As I search
For a path
Out of this
Peculiar existence
Which clearly
Isn’t mine

My life source
I seek
The core of me
I yearn
To find reason
Beyond these fields
Of dandelion greens
To find a purpose
To cling to

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