I originally wrote this in June of 2012 for Father’s Day but since today is his birthday I wanted to re-post it. Happy Birthday Dad.


My dad is a giant, not only in build and strength, but he has that booming voice to match.   I don’t believe I have ever written about my dad, several cards and sweet sentiments over the years but never anything more.  To be honest I really don’t know what to write about my dad.  You see writing about my dad would be too much like writing about me.  I used to think I was mostly like my mom, we look more alike than my dad and I do, but when I really think about it I am mostly like my dad.  I am my dad.

We both work hard.  He is an amazing electrician.  He worked insane hours when I was growing up but when he was home it was spent with us. I never heard him complain when he got called in to work, he always did what he had to do to take care of us and those he worked for.  He made sure my brother and I knew what hard work was, helping him clean out his work truck was a dreaded family activity.  My brother became an electrician and I know how to get electrocuted over and over again and survive.  I worked two full-time jobs and put myself through full-time night school, thank you dad for the work ethic.

I remember him making model airplanes and boats; he created full-scale board games, and loved building things with wood.  He made my brother a train set he laid out on a huge piece of wood…I still remember our wonder as he lowered it down from the garage ceiling on pulleys.  He made my sister’s cradle, it was big enough to fit all of us in. I can’t wait to build anything that comes with a long list of instructions, no doubt something I got from my dad.

When my dad laughs it is the most amazing sound.  He doesn’t laugh often but when he does you can’t help but laugh with him.  He is not a thin small man but he can out run anyone, I know because I have seen him outrun a firework and a big gigantic bumble bee.  He is also built like a brick house and even though he is short he can be staggeringly scary when threatened.  My dad is slow to temper but push the right buttons and you will get an earful of that booming voice of his.  He always took the time to make sure you understood how much he cared, how much he believed you were capable of, and how important you are.  I grew up believing that NO MATTER what life brings my way I am more than capable of getting through it a better person.

We are both accident prone and end up making fools of ourselves in the process.  We are fairly oblivious to our surroundings causing many missteps leaving us splayed in embarrassing positions in front of audiences.  Curbs and potholes are the worst.  He has gone to work with panty hose sticking to his clothes while I have had my boss pull a clingy pair of underwear from my pant leg.  While my dad has split several pairs of jeans due to electrical tool snags I have popped my fair share of bra straps in public.  We would have made a great Rodeo Clown team.

My dad also loves to write.  He has notebooks filled with ideas, poems, letters and such that express how he is feeling and what he thinks about life.  I have only read a few he has written to me but I know without a doubt that my love for writing and for communicating came from my dad.  Yep I am my dad, but don’t tell my husband it could create a whole new need for therapy!

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