BeFunky_amazing-outer-space-science-fiction.jpgWritten by HastyDad (Howie) and HastyWords


I was the first silence you heard
I held you tight inside my beat
Vibrations you could only feel
Then as you developed and grew
My silence was audible to you
A sound growing louder with time
You see, man uses this beat to dance
Notes felt way down deep by spirits
Rejoicing in your life, your very name
It can be sad with a powerful roar
Or soft and gentle like falling rain
I am natureโ€™s noise full of energy
Lighting and thunder, one in the same
It’s like music made from within
If you sit real still you can feel it
The music your own heart makes
It is the sound of a beating drum
It causes you to sing, it inspires you
To dance, to run; to jump to its beat
Individual symphonies driving us
Each in beautifully different ways
My name is midnight
And if you sit with me and listen
I will fill you with song



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