How to beat WordPress at Poetry

BECAUSE… It is just amazing


Well, dear WordPress, I’ve just discovered a tiny thing which made me a little bit lot kinda MAD, and which reminded me that Blogger *could* do this, and HEY, what’s up with THAT?!?!

The function I’m talking about is the ability to play with text. Like embiggen and smallenify different words and move them around on the page. Because sometimes a poem needs that, and in spite of the amazing things my pal TwinDaddy can do with his layouts, I wanted MORE! Because I’m stupid at WordPress and can’t begin to hope I could format things as cleverly as he can, I turned to that other wonder of the adjuncted world of blogging – PicMonkey. (and no – I’m not being paid to promote the site – I just like it *that* much)

Play with words

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