Josh is one of my very best friends. I remember the day I met him and the many times we saw each other before becoming good friends. We watch those we love struggle. We want to help them and we want to be there for them. The truth is this FILTER ME story…is the same story for many of us.

Josh and I came to the same place… we sat inside the deepest darkest and most desperate part of ourselves and we saw death. Another place we both have in common is a place where one makes the choice to get help. It is a place of hope. It is the place where all survivors are found.

I love you Josh. I am so very, very glad you chose to survive.  Please visit his website and welcome him to our blogging community.

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Filtered. Disguised. Hidden.

I feel like a lot of us spend our lives presenting a certain “portrait” of ourselves to the world. We portray only certain parts of us to those around us. We hide the struggles in our lives and do not open up about the less than ideal parts. We paint pictures of perfection and bliss while internally we struggle. We use certain tactics in order to hide the dark truths of our existence while only glorifying the positives in our lives. I mean honestly who really wants to show weakness. Who truly wants to share with the world their struggles? Why paint a picture black when you can paint it bright colors right?

past tense: filtered; past participle: filtered pass through a device to remove unwanted material

Each and every one of us face trials in our lives. It’s just the nature of existence…

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