Written by Primal Night’s and HastyWords

She presses her breath gently from her lips
Unaware that she had been holding it in
The quiet breaks slowly; a sad sort of beauty


Numbness threatens every bony limb
And chills the length of her spine
As he fills her tub with liquored sin


She stills herself against what is to come
Voiding her mind of all its memories
Preparing herself for complete immersion


The water slowly searches her every curve
Baptizing each synapse with death then life
Drowning all her dark and melancholy filth


Blotches of red memories burn and quiver
Resentment soaks then sizzles and dissolves
In a smoking, purifying cauldron of hurt


Holy-water poured from vodka bottles.
Lined the tubs edge, memorializing the event
Dousing all her strangled and addicted desires


He lovingly awoke her inspiration to live
Cleansing her and one by one helped drown
Every voice that attempted to do her in

7 thoughts on “VODKA BAPTISM

  1. ouch – this is a powerful piece. i will admit that sometimes i wish I could douse my sadness in booze, but i cannot. douse it to kill it or douse it for freedom – freedom to think and let loose.


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