THE WATCH by Jonathan Ojanpera

Jonathan Ojanpera is a freelance journalist, blogger, poet, musician, and photographer.  Besides contributing to several non-mainstream news sites he has just published his first book titled, “The Watch”.  I have had the privilege of collaborating on a few duets and as evidenced by his blog he has a talent for writing poetry.  Jonathon’s book shows more of the same story telling passion.




His introduction to writing came in the form of poetry in his early teens. His work has been featured on several political, poetic and literary websites and books. His work is continually evolving into long form fiction. He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, spent his childhood in Southwest Colorado and now resides in the Deep South with his wife and four daughters. His creativity is drawn from his travels and the multi-cultural experiences he has had, growing up in starkly contrasting regions of the US. ~Jonathan Ojanpera Bio


“The Watch” is a collection of poetry and prose written in many forms, covering many topics; from love to spirituality, from depression to ecstasy. You will also find Jonathan’s original art within the pages. A great read to add to your collection of poets and a good book to realize a yet to be found interest in poetry. ~Amazon Description


“The Watch” can now be found on Amazon as an e-book and the paperback should be ready shortly! Please support a fellow poet/blogger and consider purchasing his book and leaving review for him on Amazon.

The Watch Cover -widgetMY REVIEW: A passionate voice screams from each poetic entry. Whether about love, worry, pain, or a simple observation you can feel the heart beating behind each word. A great book of poetry and the art was a wonderful addition. I felt as if each entry was being written with someone in mind but in reality it was my own connectedness to the words that gave it that dimension.  It easily brought images of my own life to mind which is the talent behind a great poetic piece.  Next in line from Jonathan Ojanpera is a book of short stories that I am sure will be more of the same passionate talent he portrays in everything else he does.

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