Did you know that by reading this post and then clicking a button you can change someone’s life for the better?

Mike has been an unemployed math teacher going on three years, and currently struggles to support his family by taking substitute and tutoring jobs.  Although he has a B.A. that certifies him to teach Math, English, and Theatre it has been hard to find a full time job without his Master’s.  He cannot currently get a loan to pursue his Master’s without a job.  Previously, Mike has taught juvenile criminals and extreme special needs children.   Despite the high applause he received from the parents of the students he has worked with he was not able to continue on in a teaching capacity without a Special Ed certification.

My daughter and I watched The Freedom Writers this weekend.  We both loved the movie and I was once again reminded how important good teachers are.  Good teachers teach because they want too, they teach each child regardless of how standardized school has become.  They recognize the unique ability of each child to learn and contribute to society.  Great teachers have an uncanny ability to reach those children that others are afraid to teach or aren’t brave enough to teach.  I feel that Mike is one of those teachers.

Here is where I am going to ask YOU to help ME make a difference in the life of someone I find very special and the best part is it is EASY!

As a tutor for WyzAnt, Mike has the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship to get his degree. 

Popular vote can help him to win this scholarship.


The company which I use to find students around my area has a contest where I try to win scholarship money by writing a 300 word essay.  The topic was “If you could teach everyone in the world one thing, what would it be?”
If you could go to the link and vote for my essay, that would be great!  Perhaps mine would be one of the ten chosen based on its merit, but if it is one of the ten chosen for its popularity than your help can make a difference!

And if you are feeling extra generous and beautiful then please share this post or his essay on whatever social media site you are on.  THANK YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART….HASTYWORDS



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