I am speechless and overwhelmingly happy to read this review. My greatest hope in writing Depression’s Dance was to shed a little bit of light on how LOUD depressions voice could be. Thank you so much Laura for reading and for listening. xoxo And for the record Imagine Dragons: Demons is one of my favorite songs.

Laura A. Lord

A little while back I threw myself into a project that terrified me. After multiple attempts at joining my writing with another’s, and being burnt every time, I once again gave it a shot. I wrote to a woman here on WordPress, someone whose poetry was unspeakably beautiful, and asked to write a duet with her. I could only be speaking of the wonderfully talented Hastywords.

I didn’t get burned in the process. She was amazing. In fact, you can see our masterpiece here on her site.

By the time this was finished, I had both of her books on my Kindle and she had mine and we were happily diving into the world each other had painted.


I had to start at the beginning. I picked up Darker Side of Night and went through my nightly routine.

Fill the bathtub.

Pour some wine.

Soak away all the…

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