Today I am participating in Blog Tour Monday; so in a way my blog is an actual bloggy destination spot.  David Ellis at Too Full To Write asked me to be your tour guide today and before I finish this post I will be introducing another blogger who will continue Blog Tour Monday next week. Thank you David for thinking of me!

First thing is first though.  I am not exactly sure where this tour began but if you click here on the post David did last Monday he has listed a few previous bloggy destination spots that you might want to visit soon.  A few of the previous participants have been , Jo Nicel, Louise Swingler, Dr Steve Hollyman, Graeme Shimmin, Sara Jasmon, David Hartley, and Emma Yates Bradley.  Please support our fellow writers and visit their blogs.

Like most tours this one also has a script where I am supposed to answer questions. Personally, I find it hard to write about my self unless it is in a more poetic and abstract way but here goes:

Where have you been?  Well I have been right here blogging nearly every day. I like to take a break on Saturday and give my mind a vacation, instead I am busy taking care of everything I didn’t have time to do during the week.  I write on my drive to work mostly and have been honked at more than once lingering at a stop light to long.  Oops.   I know, I know it is all kinds of annoying but I don’t text (or write) and drive.  I write on my lunch break when I can.  I write mostly on Sundays though.  Sunday is the day I sit and look at the notes I wrote during the week of what I wanted to write but didn’t get time. This doesn’t always work though because most of my feelings are fleeting therefore if I don’t write it is a lost opportunity.  Recently, I have published two books which you can find by checking out my PUBLISHED section.

What am I working on?  I am working on publishing a collaborative work and I am super excited because it is the first one I have ever done.  I have a photographer who will be interpreting poems I write into pictures.  I can’t wait for people to see his work because I think he is amazing.

How does your writing differ from others in your genre?  I am not sure how to even answer this one.  It is poetry and poetry is such an individual thing that just being in the genre of poetry makes it unique.  In my opinion there are so many, much more talented, poets than I.  In fact almost every time I read poems written by another person I have to forget I am a poet.  If I compare my writing to others I would surly have stopped writing by now.  In fact I just re-read the sentence above where I referred to myself as a poet, even that sounds obnoxious.

I had another blogger tell me once the only reason people read my poetry, or even stop by my blog, were because of the pictures I posted with each piece.  I used to post a picture I photo shopped of myself that accompanied the feeling of the piece I wrote.  I still do but now I try to mix it up a bit.  I had others tell me it seemed conceited or egotistical.  All I know is in the beginning the blog was about me, my feelings, my life….me.  So in a way it was conceited and I guess that is what made/makes my writing unique.

Why do I write what I do?  I write to purge those things that make me anxious.  Writing has been the best way to fight my anxiety and has also prevented me from severe depression.  I still get anxious or depressed but writing has definitely helped me acknowledge the feelings that cause them and therefore battle them more effectively.  My written voice and the responses from those that read my thoughts create a powerful army inside my head.

How does my writing process work?  I used to try to ignore and drown out the voice of anxiety and depression in my head with music but the voices just get louder and more insistent the longer I try to avoid them.  Silence is never silent.  Now, I listen very intently to the voices and I try to write what they are saying in as few words as possible.  Just the process of trying to find the right words to describe how I am feeling makes me look deeper, listen harder, to what is going on inside my head.  Even when I am writing a duet with another person I am drawing on emotions and feelings I used to try to leave untouched.

Thank goodness that is it for the questions because I want to introduce your tour guide for the next Blog Tour Monday.  Laura A Lord has written several books and I am happy to say I read every single one of them these last two weeks.



She has a way with words that draws me into the worlds she writes. Her books are full of short stories and poetry weaved together to create a bigger story with a big voice.  Please visit her blog HERE where you will find her books and how to order as well as so many other awesome posts and contributions she has made to the blogging community.  OH and definitely look for her post next Monday, March 31st, for the Blog Tour.

Laura A Lord is also about to publish another brilliant book and you can help her by checking out this link.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you David Ellis again for thinking of me!


  1. We write there for we are.
    To write every word that enters the mind helps cleaning that dusty attic where the brain keeps spilling.
    How else to make sense of what is going on up there.


  2. Reblogged this on toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish) and commented:
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mrs Hasty Words. She is an amazing poet, we have collaborated loads of times. She is also a loving wife, has a wonderfully supportive and adorable family and is one of the friendliest people I have had the pleasure to get in contact with. Please take a look at her blog and if you love poetry as much as I do, you should subscribe too. She writes loads of them and they are all terrific!


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