FINDING BEAUTY by Tina Hickman

I love this beautiful girl.  Sometimes people come into your life you just know will always be a part of you even even if they have to move on at some point. This pretty girl weaseled her way into our hearts and is now an extension of our family.  She wrote this beautiful thought and sent it to me and when I asked her why she wrote it she said something I think we can ALL relate to!

“thinking about college and wondering if its worth it to be here for 4 years hating it when I can be out just simply doing what makes me happy. Going new places. Doing new things. Not letting money be an issue. Living minimal and being happy with life without trying to “make a living” I read something the other day that said never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. And even though I can find so many great things in my life here every day. I want to find new great things.”

Tina Hickman Art

Tina Hickman Art

Written by Tina Hickman

Every time I go someplace old,

I find something new.

It makes me want to stay

Stay with my routine

to discover

the always changing beauty

of my own world.

Watch the growth of life around me,


with whatever mood is shaping my soul.

Yet what if my soul can only grow if I move?

My heart grows weary of only knowing my own world

It makes me want to go.

Keep going to find new beauty

around every corner

Then leaving it,

onto the next mountain side

or valley view

Exploring new rivers and seas,

fishing to feed my soul off the world

of everyone around me.

I want to split my body into a million pieces

and let them soak up EVERY scene.

Being here but everywhere.

Because it’s impossible to ignore

the beauty around me

and easy to imagine

the beauty around others.

4 thoughts on “FINDING BEAUTY by Tina Hickman

  1. You probably won’t get this.

    I admire your site as it has taken me this long to feel I am not alone in my past abuse and how it has affected the rest of my life, keeping me in shackles of fear and depression, feeling all alone in this thing we call the world.

    But I do have to be honest. Any site where, in order to be an integral part of sharing, one must be able to create a blog and has no one to help them do so kind of makes me angry. I am forever alone, once again.

    I was reprimanded for the length of my comments, but also for putting my email at the end of my comments as a way for people to respond to me. I was desperate and wanted very much to respond to people who were telling their brave, disturbing stories.

    I have to pass a test that I cannot find a teacher for in order to be a part of?

    I guess I lose in the end.

    And a victim is the LAST thing I ever want to be again.


    Laurie Nedvin


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