TRUE LOVE by HastyMom

I didn’t really know my Grandparents very well, I mean… I did lots of fun things with them but to sit and talk with them and get to really know them isn’t something I ever got to do.  They both died in their early 60’s when I was barely 20.  So I am left with home movies, still pictures of them and the stories I heard my mom and her siblings tell.

My mom, HastyMom, sent me this piece she wrote yesterday.  Every time a friend or family member sends me something they wrote I feel like I am getting to see something new inside of them.  This is a story my mom wrote about my Grandparents, a story she wanted to preserve.

The pictures are of my Grandparents.

True Love 002

True Love 004

True Love 003

When she was young and full of dreams she caught the eye of a Dr’s son.  She was only 17 and had many suitors, but she knew her life with a young man destined for medical school would be a life for which she would be suited.

But soon she realized the reality of greed within her sweet heart’s home. The wedding was set for April but she knew she couldn’t go through with it. At least not with him, for she had realized her true love in the heart of another.  He had nothing to offer but a life time of dreams, love and laughter.

The marriage took place in April on the same day as scheduled, but not a big church wedding it was a simple exchange of vows at the courthouse.

She left home as they say, “With nothing but the clothes on her back.”  They spent their wedding night in a modest garage apartment.

When he awoke the next morning she was no where in sight. Thinking she had left his thoughts turned to fear.  When she opened the screen door on that warm spring morning with a cast iron skillet and coffee pot for two, he knew there would be hard days and their nights would be long, but they both knew they had been blessed with a union made in heaven.


She never looked back and he worked hard and gave her everything she wanted.  A home she could be proud of with four beautiful children and many days of love and laughter. Yes there were hard days and illness, but they never doubted it would be better in the years to come.

They were married almost 43 years when she fell ill.  He lay beside her and held her in his arms with a cool towel held against her forehead to comfort her.  He held and loved her until her final breath.  He felt it was all he could do for his beautiful bride who had given him all he had ever dreamed.  True Never Ending Selfless Love

True Love 005








10 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE by HastyMom

  1. How incredibly beautiful. True love is an incredible journey. I think you may look like your grandmother, based on her picture. The skillet made me smile a lot. We have a little corny sign hanging in the kitchen that came from my family’s home kitchen – “Kissin’ don’t last, cookin’ do” over a little picture of a steaming skillet. It’s true. the work that goes into the love is what keeps the love going. a little heat, a little magic….


  2. Brings to my mind a song by Kathy Mattea:

    Where have you been?
    I’ve looked for you for ever and a day
    Where have you been?
    I’m just not myself when you’re away

    Lovely post.


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