My blogging friend Arthur Browne, a blogging celebrity, is having a party.  A commenting party.  He has invited everyone so head over to this place right here and leave a thought, a lament, a praise, or even better: the most creepy comment you can think of.  Don’t worry he won’t report you…he will love it. He is trying to break some sort of commenting record.

I remember watching The Brady Bunch and the girls decided they wanted to break the worlds record for longest period on a teeter totter.  Anyway, lost inside the nearly 1,000 comments we wrote a few poems.  We decided to write in full view of the commenting world.  Here is poem 1 of several being written.

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Written by Arthur Browne and HastyWords

Lines etch every corner

They are the road map of my life

Scratching stories into valleys

Eroded by rivers of tears

A timeline of every passing year


Crisscrossing deep reminders

Of anguish and silly laughter

Echoing inside underground canyons

Repelling around bottomless ravines

Tripping over endless seams


Reverberating off towering walls

Flowing from past to future

A timeless flow begun as a trickle

Becoming thunderous waterfalls

Leading to an unknown sea.


A treasure map full of dreams

Of chutes and ladders

Of caves full of monsters unseen

Just waiting for future kin

To relive during their nightly read


The map is torn from my grasp

The rapids rage and howl

The rudder is shorn away

Whirlpools and white water lie in wait

Plenty of adventure is in store


Little eyes widen at dragons galore

And when x marks the spot

Inside the dark nights wooden floor

Giddy excitement escapes

As I become the heroine once more

15 thoughts on “A LIFE MAPPED

  1. You are so awesome… and poems always look so much better here than on my goofy blog… and thanks for the free publicity… and the word dance… you are like the sexy sister I never had… or wanted… because a sister that sexy would just be weird… and cause problems with my male friends…


  2. I get this one!! At 59 approaching 60, I got that the lines are those upon the face, and having written down those memories, to relive them in the re-telling to one’s grandchildren. A wonderful poem and one to treasure. ❤


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