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Written by Melody and HastyWords

A whirlwind surrounds me

A tornado of debris dangerously circles

I sit calm amidst its calamity

As destruction consumes society


Arms outstretched towards me

Friends and enemies alike

They call for me to save them

Uncomprehendingly I stare back


Peaceful among all the misery

I’m learning to be my own hero

I reach my hands into the sky

And take energy from each new day


Sunshine resides within

Filling in the gaps from copious scars

All the tears I’ve shed have pooled beneath

Drowning the world I leave behind


I feel the strength inside of me, a liquid heat

Building with every beat of my heart, pulsing

I listen as the world cries out to me

Wanting, needing what I have found


I notice how bare, how lonely it is

The burden of taking them twitches

Yet now and then are barely distinguishable

At least I can stop those pretenses


I gather myself for battle

Inhaling my emotional spring

I step into the swirling chaos

To exhale the calm I bring


Armor made from every insult

Weapons forged from nasty thoughts

Nothing can touch this fortress

I need no battle strategy


To banish the passing storms

We must look internally

For the change we seek within

Must match an identity foreseen

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