Written by John Bentz and Hastywords

Your eyes tell a story of deep sadness

Yet there is a playful smile on your lips.

Drawing from the deep well of your soul

Seems an insurmountable feat

Gazing softly, I reach into you

Steady long breaths define your rhythm

Yet I can feel your heart beat contrary.

Drawing vivid boundaries around you

Takes all the strength I have

but I do it gladly, to protect you

Tears begin to stream as sadness surfaces

Your heart breaking again opening wounds

So deeply buried once thought forgotten

Now awakening as hell’s demons

loosed from their fiery prison.

Etching a river of stories into your cheek

I listen as each overflowing drop falls with gravity

My arms given in unwavering support

As my love for you grows ever deeper

we turn your tears into diamonds

And we know together

Your arms around me

Your Spirit comforting me

The diamonds that fall

Will fall again

Yet our love will loose the darkness

Come as it may, for we are ready

30 thoughts on “FALLING DIAMONDS

  1. This is stunningly beautiful Hasty. I absolutely love reading your creative words, and such an imaginative flow and format to this poem. Keep Inspiring. We will write together again soon. I promise.



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