You must visit Mikial’s writings.  I am so honored he wrote this poetic duet with me.



Waters beyond hearts projection

of a thirsting soul clutching sand in the desert of the mind

chasing a mirage of atonal inflection

reaching love beyond the oceans of time

Rain falls upon the surface

of another forgotten memory coming up for air

muddying up a moments purpose

reminiscing upon dreams one longs to share

One more liquid breath

Songs of a minds vicious cyclone

flowers wilting in reverse against death

if only to ascend into a golden place called home

One more visual grasp

coloring what was once felt in song

sight captured like spirits in a flask

reserved until the right someone comes along

9 thoughts on “ATONAL INFLECTION

  1. Subject and predicate Hasty, i learned a little grammar tonight, from a teacher of the future,
    understand proper use could be an interesting problem…

    i didn’t think delusional dirty old men could learn… lol


  2. Oh my lord… that is disgusting… I have never been so offended and grossed out in my life, and I am never… wait… oh… sorry… I didn’t have my glasses on and I thought the title was: Anal Infection… my bad… that was a beautiful poem…


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