The Gods of Asphalt – Sawyer by H.E. Ellis


About a billion years ago a blogger I knew raved about this talented person he knew, H.E. Ellis.  He asked me to read a story he had written for her blog and at the time I remember seeing this book and thinking, “if I ever get back to reading…this book sounds really good”.  This was the first book I decided to read since I had stopped reading a few years ago, and I am really glad I did. In fact, I bought the kindle version of this book but without having actually finished it I added it to my Christmas list for my husband to purchase the paperback for me.  I read the last 3 chapters I had left when I opened it Christmas morning.

I am terrible at actually giving reviews. I wish I could just use the star system and say “Hey this book was 5 stars”, but nobody really pays attention to stars anymore.  So, here is my very first attempt to review a book with something more than telling you that you should.

This book started out suspenseful and got my attention with the first line, “There’s a moment that happens just before you crash that no one in driver’s ed tells you about.”  Yea, I know intense right? But it just keeps getting better from there and before you know it you are swept up in the world of Sawyer.  The story of two brothers and their dad is full of boners, punches, kisses, blood, sex, sarcasm, and laughter.  Seriously, there are a few parts I bet would make any guy tough guy cry.  I finished the book wanting more from the characters in this story so I am very happy there will be more books to come.

Each chapter in the book starts with the name of a song so to finish this review and to get you in the mood to read this wonderful story I have decided to link some of the songs.  I think  you will agree she has great taste in music…or at least Sawyer does!  🙂  There is one chapter she leaves it up to the reader to pick a song so I picked Savage Gardens – I Want You. I highly recommend this book and I am surprised some big publishing house hasn’t made her a serious offer.  Good luck H.E. Ellis.


11 thoughts on “The Gods of Asphalt – Sawyer by H.E. Ellis

  1. H E Ellis is the person who first made me believe I could publish my novels, then she let me do a funny Rudolf interview in one book of hers, and a short story in another… and she bought my sci-fi book and did an awesome review on that I put on the back cover of book two which is coming soon. I need to read these books.


  2. Wow. After writing a 100,000+ word novel, I am officially speechless. You all are too kind, and have inspired me to kick my boss in the butt so he’ll give me some time off in order to finish the other four books in the series.

    Thank you so much, Hasty. You rock.

    (I loved PMAO’s book).


  3. Hadn’t heard of this book but your review makes it enticing. The song links you have provided are superb though I am unable to figure out how the first lines align with the chapters. Any thoughts, any body?

    But to come back to what you say in the beginning, what is it in our lifestyles that is promoting this kind of Attention Deficit Disorder?



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