Written by Sage Doyle and HastyWords



We lay wrapped up, entangled

warm and toasty every limb

listening to the dripping melody

of an old blizzards melting snow

The heat of your summer soul

alludes my sense of the cold

as I submerge myself, deep

into the illusion of your body

Feeling the fervor of your breath

like a fireplace upon my neck

I wear you like a blanket, secure

in the downy softness of your skin

I hear that winter moan from the night

and you cling to me, instilling

the furtherance of this repose,

the propensity of my need for you


Written for Romantic Monday

36 thoughts on “SUMMER SOUL

  1. People say slut shaming is sexist. Well, you and your husband are both irresponsible exhibitionist sluts, and I feel sorry for your daughter.

    By the way, I take back what I said about your poems being spiritual, because you write about sex way too often. Sex means nothing without love. That’s why it’s dangerous to go advertising it in public. It becomes power in the wrong hands. A poem like this is more about the short-term drug high of sex than about the long-lasting dedication of love, and it’s a shame that you can’t tell the difference.


  2. It’d be better to hear about the things that you and your husband do for each other that don’t involve rubbing bodies together. That would be love.


  3. Why don’t you just make a porn video? It’d be a lot more entertaining than that picture above. I want to see you ___, you teasing whore.


    • Yeah, see that, you’re the pervert. The sick stuff you think and say, and the hostility you exhibit, I agree with Hasty, you need some serious help. Now I’ll ask you nicely, please fuck off and leave Hasty alone. That’s nicely requested, just don’t piss me off anymore.


  4. I’ve got a rule for you. If you couldn’t put your daughter in the picture then you shouldn’t post it on the Internet. Would you put your daughter in a picture like the one above, or do you think it might be inappropriate?

    Your bare leg in the air with your husband holding it was a nice touch, by the way. I mean, you could have just shown your face, but why stop there? Why not give it that extra sexual pizazz? I’m sure Jesus would be proud. I look forward in the future to seeing your husband holding your “Christian” breasts in his hands like some celebrity on the cover of a magazine. (sarcasm)


    • Lol, wow dinosaurs still roam the earth! 😉
      Matthew please do not speak the Lord’s name in vain. Would he be proud of your judge/mental behavior? If u’r a “fundamentalist” then go back to the fundamentals, Jesus is all about Love, in all it’s divine manifestations. Sending love your way… and try not to overthink this… no I do not want to “get down & dirty” with you. Just be still and feel my love with your heart. Lord Jesus wants you to know love, be loved. You are loved! Blessings everyone, Merry CHRISTmas!♥


  5. I’m curious what you people would do to satisfy your need for attention if the Internet didn’t exist. Would you go to crowded public places like malls and restaurants and just start kissing and groping each other until security asked you to leave?

    So, first your husband shows off what a hot wife he has (well at least from certain angles and once you PhotoShop your pictures to death), then he shows himself kissing you, making all the men who became enamored with you in the meantime jealous.

    I guess that’s one way to boost one’s insecure ego. It just seems kind of rude, like you should just be happy with what you have without having to brag about it to the whole world.


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