I found this beautiful girl and just had to write a duet with her.  Visit her blog she is truly very talented, all the words and pictures are her own.


Written by SongsAndSins and HastyWords

Steady hands held on to her

As her grasp began to break

Weakness arousing

Overcoming all her strength

Emotions blurry in her eyes

A voice stolen by ache

A sorrow she couldn’t take


 Alone in a starless room

With the scent of tomorrows

Never to come

As the thoughts of Heaven

Whisper sweet hellos

While her heart laments,

So numb


Dreams crept into reality

And slipped very comfortably

Into all her waking hours

She fled from all reality

And divorced her broken heart

Leaving her splintered past

And all the spoils and sours


Finally, she finds her voice

Hidden so far below

And the dirt beneath her nails

Washes away her sins

And suddenly she knows

Beyond the years of lies,

She has a choice


11 thoughts on “HER HIDDEN VOICE

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