I was happy to write this piece with a new partner.  Please take time to click on her link and get to know her. 



I couldn’t hear him but his lips were moving

His warm breath came out in smokey puffs

Eyes glowed fiery gold despite the icy cold

Standing as a statue inside the devil’s wind

I stood there watching in a horrified trance

My feet frozen, body stuck in a stony stance

My mind was racing in wild panicked circles

I was just too frightened, too shocked to move

His lips kept moving and I became desperate

With an overwhelming need to hear what he said

But only my pounding heart sounded in my ears

I felt a rapid tremble in my body, a distorted quake

I wanted to believe this was a dream of some sort

Perhaps a lucid night terror? But it was all too real

The devil lulled me to sleep and awoke me in hell

He was just standing there, fiery gold eyes burning

A devilish chill that I couldn’t avoid, no escape

If this was a dream, it was torturing my reality

I didn’t know how to wake up, I was trapped

I was imprisoned inside a nowhere place, alone

Nowhere to run, no place to hide, so effectively

I was bound by my sins and accounting for them


10 thoughts on “BOUND BY SIN

  1. Chilling. I am always intrigued by the duet compositions I find here. How does one get the opportunity to participate? I’m interested–not great, not accomplished, but very interested.


    • Working together to create something beautiful is a skill some humans have, like artists. Others would rather harass people who are different from themselves, like dictators.


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