Midnight came as darkness fell

Sliding arms around me quietly

I stood alone so full of gloom

Beneath an engorged blood moon


Foggy grey mist on fingertips

Crept along the sodden earth

Decrepit breath exhaled to air

From abandoned graveyard lairs


The lazy ragged wind of corpses

Began to whisper stories of old

What started as ghostly insights

Became a blaring anger into night


As their decaying vapor swirled

I watched their broken bodies

Rising like feathers on a breeze

Stealing silence like a sneeze


I stood upon a secluded mountain

Watching as the moon slowly fell

My vantage point picked long ago

My purpose here I could not forgo


The trees swayed their canopies

Laughing viciously into the wind

Tonight I would watch death rise

Sad by what daylight would realize


Every zombie imparted ghostly lives

To roam the world in gruesome pairs

The warriors of the past; come again

Into battle no restrictions to abstain


Heaven weeps, as do I, this doomsday eve

This spell I weaved into sinful humanity

Would be the scariest incantation ever seen

My contribution to this fateful Halloween

19 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY SPELL

  1. Wow! That’s as scary as Mr Edgar Allan Poe and then some! Many favourites in this one, including the engorged blood moon, breeze/sneeze, the death rise/realize couplet (magnificent) and that it is like a sinister campfire tale. Happy Halloween!


  2. “The lazy ragged wind of corpses”
    “The trees swayed their canopies
    Laughing viciously into the wind”
    I love poetry filled with imagery that gives life to the inanimate. I can picture the trees laughing. Very good! Happy Halloween HW!!


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