This new duet partner has a wonderful style.  Here is one of my favorites I found on his site here take time to visit and follow. 


Written by dtdeedge and hastywords

Make them dance,

These shadows?

As if they were trifles,

Marionetted playthings,

So easily lifted from disuse

To be lifted again to relevance?

Make dance the shadows,

That pain that for so long consumed,

That defined a soul,

And burned away feeling and camaraderie and life?


For these shadows were never mine own

Never possession of my being,

But rather cruel masters of my thought,

Who played me at their will,

And left me broken,

A tormented mass,

Beyond bleeding,

Gathering dust in a pile,



How, pray tell,

How does one hope

To coax the shadows to dance

Without risking consumption?


Make them dance,

These shadows!

Seduce them into being

Puppeteer’s their masters

Flitting from light into dark

And from dark to light again

Make dance the shadows,

That rest without a presence, patient

A life with no soul,

Yet partnered and companioned for life


For these shadows are free yet burdened

Like us, by physical rules,

There only contract and reason for being,

Is to carry us from the night back into day,

Dancing shadows,

Born briefly into life,

Before slowly drifting

Back into the nonexistent black,

Of death.


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