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My husband texted me the following sentence this morning,”You’re having punctuation issues lately.  Even in some of your blog posts (yes, I actually look at most of them).”  First, I was surprised he read my blog posts but then offended he noticed errors in a blog and didn’t let me know.  I am admittedly terrible with grammar and punctuation.  I love to read and I love to write but the technicalities are not my strong suit.

Despite knowing sentence construction is a weakness of mine I still don’t like making mistakes.  Just the other day I made a huge spelling error in a blog title,  thank goodness a lovely blogger emailed to tell me.  I get my homophones confused and my commas are either lacking or overdone.  So I did what any self conscious, semi-perfectionist, person would do; I searched the internet for help.

I found this amazing website I wanted to share; I encourage any blogger to take a look.  There is a header called Grammar Tips.  I started under the homophone section and not only does it explain in detail the difference in sound alike words; it gives examples and easy ways to remember the differences.

The website is called: Writing Forward

A few things you will find that I found useful

Punctuation rules

Grammar rules


How to get published

Writing Exercises

Writing Prompts

14 thoughts on “A E I O U & …

  1. Tell me he said something good about your content. How you can tell an interesting story that keeps the reader coming back for more… Tell me he said you are able to speak to the reader as if you are sitting at a cafe…


  2. Never make a long distance call on a homophone… just saying…
    And I love that picture of you… cutest cartoony picture ever.
    And I may have to check out this website because my using of words is not the best using of words that can be used as words are used and stuff…


  3. You’re not alone! I went back recently and read earlier Blogs and was appalled at my typographical errors! Thanks for sharing something that will help me tremendously.


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