My new duet partner this week is Mr. Modigliani.  His poetry is beautifully written: romantic, erotic, and sexy.  His page is a wonderland so visit and let him know what you think.  

This picture is not mine. I am not sure who owns it but I loved it and edited it for this piece. 



Curves hidden from view
Fingers the only sight allowed
Feelings so brand new
I sat firmly in the clouds

Oh how I long for you
My fantasy, a goddess on high
I wish that you would reach for me
To soothe the tremblings of my mind

Raw emotion like electricity
Arc like lighting as you approach
Dangerous sparks emerge
As I obediently begin to bow

Oh how do I deserve thee?
The charged touch of your hand
Your curves and beauty so heavenly
An angel praying to a man

Your deepest desires are calling out
Crossing chasms of burning fire
My wings yearning to be charred
On impassioned mortal embers

Your blackened wings and mournful eyes
Reflect my past and love’s dark toll
While the sensuous touch of your outstretched hand
Offers the redemption of my soul



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