This duet is a bit different.  meticulousmick is an amazing photographer and so we used one of his pictures to write this duet.  Last time he took the picture and I wrote the poetry but this time he also wrote with me.  I love love love how this turned out and I hope you do too.  Visit is website for his amazing photography!!!  For this one I wrote all my stanza’s and then he wrote all of his in between mine.  I think it is brilliant…he is brilliant.


Written by meticulousmick and HastyWords


The words, a bold script

Written perfectly, carefully

Took a leisurely scroll

Across the perfumed page


The words all familiar

written a thousand times

Repeated and repeated

Ringing inside her head


The clock ticked behind glass

As the hand moved swift

This was the last time, only time

Left to preface all of this


Pendulum swinging back and forth

The balance about to shift

No turning back now

Time to end the hurt


The words, one couldn’t say

Written honestly, heroically

Took time being conveyed

Across the tear stained page


Smudged ink on the page

A bruise on her torso

Each word that flowed

A release, an outlet


Ticking each tick with a tock

Outlining a life of simple regret

In an elegant sweeping font

Speaking of a love getting lost


Time to move on out

Time for love once more

The most important love

Love for her self

16 thoughts on “PENDULUM

  1. this is an incredible piece – i particularly love the message. Pendulums are quite an interesting item – sometimes they are constant, never changing just moving back and forth. Then there are those that lower bit by bit and eventually slice whatever it is below – in essence making a break, starting anew. I really do enjoy this poem:)


  2. I saw his reblogged on Belinda’s blog and noticed that you have done duets with other writers. I love the collaboration and your writing hits right between the eyes. I didn’t know that MM was a writer. I have seen his photography but this is a wonderful surprise. 🙂 Have a super weekend!


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