Since the last duet was a bit darker than Richard Ankers is used too I promised to write a happy one with him.  I hope everyone feels the happiness of this piece.

Written by Richard Ankers and HastyWords


Daybreak came dancing on spotted clouds
Rays of gold spun inside a morning haze
I had fallen fast asleep the night before
Under a perfect blanket of glittered stars
The wan light shone upon she who’d inhabited my dreams
Lain beside me upon a bed of wildflowers, she sighed
And I, and the rest of the universe sighed with her
As eyes opened slowly and I knew true love
The moment held perfect in a delicate sweeping breeze
As her flimsy cotton dress danced gently above her knees
Her body stretched to its length, beautifully content
Completely vulnerable exposing her very soul to me
So innocent before the eyes of The Lord
This nymph I alone could call my own
She was perfection encased in angelic shell
And the dawn paled in comparison
She caught me gazing in absolute admiration
And a smiled graced her face with rubicund lips
Her eyes reflectively lit with a profound merriment
Setting my spirit flying beyond the mortal atmosphere
If I could bottle this moment I would
Release it into my world when required
For nothing in heaven or on this Earth
Would ever surpass this moment in time


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