Letter to Brian

I have this beautiful friend. She is an unending source of mystery to me and I am super glad she decided to create a blog. Behind every smile…there is a bit of sadness. Please support her brand new site by following her and encouraging her.


To my dear friend,

I extend my hand, but your outstretched arms were not close enough for me to reach. I want to embrace you, but your weak body and soul are too far for me to hold. I want to ease your pain, but I cannot mend your wounds. I feel the heat of your fingertips, but I cannot touch you. I hear your cries but I cannot find you. You hide in the open darkness, but I cannot see you. You were immersed, but I had no strength. In a moment, I cannot sense you. I’m reaching back for you but you aren’t there. I cry out to you, but you can’t hear me. My heart is broken, but you cannot repair it. There is terror in my comprehension. I cling to your prose, yet there is no resolution. I have compassion and I understand you, yet I…

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