Beautiful words always spill effortlessly from this poet.  I am always challenged writing with him.  Visit him and enjoy his immense connection with nature. 


Written by SeanBidd and HastyWords


Can you feel her breath beneath the city lights,

Out to walk the streets beyond the mile limits,

To touch her scent scattered within a fog’s drift,

Where her face shrouds cloaked in cold’s gasp…


Can you feel her eyes gazing down from the sky,

Peeking into shadows and along mountainsides,

To touch the dew that gathers in her loving caress,

Where her heart beats life into each blade of grass…


Can you hear her voice speak on a travelers wind,

Bending through the labyrinth between wattles wild,

To touch her sounds living while leaves listen bold,

Where her feet pass murklins to a sunflower’s hold…


Can you hear her whisper like an embers glowing flame,

Radiantly torching the dark with a forgiving amber heat,

To touch the night with a piercing compassionate burn,

Where her lips swallow sight where the shadows yearn…


Can you see her roam where the waking tread water,

Far above a stilted forest moments’ blue shallow crush,

To touch her apparition’s reflection amid each rivulose,

Where her hair cascades across slow swift rendezvous’…


Can you see her rise over vaulted skies of colored glass,

Watching her eternity twinkle where only mysteries grace,

To touch the magical collective she has bundled you within,

Where her eyes hold yours every time you gaze into space…

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