Written by Richard Ankers and HastyWords


The flowers were colorful and bright

But it was in the dark of night

That the beauty they possessed

Transformed the landscape for a time


Luminous against the darkness

Fragile petals unclenched

In the slightest midnight breeze

And dusted the land in starlight pollen


Sparkling like fireflies in the wind

I dream of only you and your hand

In this perfect setting we would sit

Watching nature dance its pirouette


As the lights in the heavens

Melded with those of the Earth’s

And I saw a perfect dream

Reflected in your violet eyes


Promises are whispered

Through the softest lips

Mesmerized not by nature

But by the perfection of you


Fingertips touch

In the glow of eternity

And two hearts beat

To the rhythm of love

9 thoughts on “FIREFLY EYES

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