– I am among millions of overweight fighting to make the image in the mirror match the image appropriate for society.

– I am not young which means I am older than young.

– I don’t wash my hair everyday.  Sometimes, if it looks amazing I can go three days.

– I have a small mole I have grown to despise on my chin.

– I have a funny toe because I cut it off when I was around six or so.

– I hate to be outdone. I am competitive and I get depressed when I am not the best after giving it all I have.  Dumb since I am rarely ever the best at anything.

– I wanted to be a Medical Examiner but I am an accountant because my HS councilor told me I should stay away from Math related fields…ha…I showed whomever they were.

– I am honest…too honest…unless honesty will hurt someone or make them stress for no reason and then I am a liar.  Sometimes my pants would catch fire giving me away.

– I have been known to flip out.  Like OMG she is totally possessed flip out….minus the peas soup…plus lots of snot.

– I am insecure…the thing I hate most about myself.  My alter ego though…she lacks class and is totally secure in all the darkness the real me hides.

– I LOVE people…all kinds of people.  I relate to nearly everyone somehow.  The good, bad, and ugly…it is all beautifully human.

– I love good horror stories.  I am a Christian so nothing is scarier to me than a good demon story.

– I tend to love people long after they are gone, long after they treated me poorly, long after we’ve moved on.  Once I love someone I always do.

– I never quit

– I smile more than I frown

– I cry mostly when I am alone

– I hate the sound of my voice

– I love my family

– I hate water melon

– My daughter makes me laugh more than anyone else

– I love the sound of laughter

– I love to make people happy and feel guilty when I don’t



40 thoughts on “JUST ME

  1. I’m with Susan on this one! My mom does that to herself too…I just wish you women could see you like the world does – beautiful, strong, intelligent and gorgeous. Love the rest of your thoughts too….though I strongly disagree with your dislike of watermelon. 😉


  2. Hello 🙂 Dropping by again. I want to say it’s a nice list…but that doesn’t sound too right! LOL.

    I used to love reading horror stories, now not so much. Maybe a good murder mystery, I love those. I think I have funny toes too…my 2nd and 3rd toes seem like conjoint twins!

    The media and fashion industry needs three tight slaps for making it seem that being a stick is beautiful. As long as one strives for being healthy, in whichever way suits them is fine. Variety is wonderful. Looking like clones isn’t 😛

    My biggest lesson is to not think that the human race is made up of morons (me included as I *do* give myself mental facepalms a lot of times!) but strangely I can relate to most people too!


  3. I zeroed in on the “overweight” comment, as well. It’s a problem area for me. I REALLY do not think that you are. You’re beautiful, whatever your weight may be. I cannot imagine you’re 40lbs overweight by any standard other than wanting to fit into your HS jeans. 😛


  4. I like so much to know this side of your, these pieces. Knowing these words makes the other words I will read from you matter to me more. And you are so very brave to step from “behind the curtain”, and I applaud you for doing it.


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