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Written by Bram and HastyWords

The moon was high and dirty

The air felt thick with smog

I sat peering across the city

From the very highest ledge


The people looked like ants

Crawling through every street

Each carried their own story

And didn’t care about the others’


The city never closed its eyes

Dreary mist kept creeping low

Hiding every sinister deed

In a blanket of ominous dread


And there I was

Just an innocent bystander

Soon to be a witness

Of the most horrid crime of the city


People had started gathering

Children and pets in tow

To watch the disgraceful show

Of superhero against foe


As the fog in the streets faded

A silhouette walked into sight

The crowd held its breath

When a loud voice filled the streets


The city grew quiet trying to hear

The responders battle cry, “old friend”

Like gunslingers born of the old west

They faced each other, grins bared


Their eyes met and locked

There was pain in their gazes

There was fire in their hearts

The calm before the storm


Friendship followed different paths

Theories developed from different pasts

They looked at each other with respect

Once inseparable now mortal adversaries


An arm was raised

As was the tension

A loud scream disturbed the silence

Just before chaos broke loose


The beautiful maiden loved them both

The reason they stood caught in this mess

Both vying for her tender hand

Even superheros aren’t immune to jealousy’s kiss


So there they stood,

Ready to face a final challenge

On the verge of winning all they wanted

Or losing everything they had ever loved


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