My attempt at Sci Fi Poetry. I didn’t do a very good job but PMAO did! 🙂


Pouring My Art Out

Sit right down and crack open a beer

Here’s a little poem about the final frontier

There’s a universe out there for us to explore

This poem is boldly going where no poem has gone before

Whether we start from the start

Or continue from the end

It doesn’t much matter, so we will just begin

From here on out, hold every judgment, and enjoy each sin

We have quite an adventure for you to take wing on

You might see a Dalek or even a Klingon

Imperial Storm Troopers, a Borg or some Cylons

So pack extra socks or a few pairs of nylons.

We’ll scamper light years away, visiting a few Bernal Spheres

Of course no expedition would be complete, I must say

Without a wormhole or a few newly discovered portals, I hear

So without too much more wasted time, time warp awaits

It is easy to…

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