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Sparkling stream reflects

The yearning of my soul

I sit and watch the water

Ripple to and fro


The images that appear

Echo things told untold

Every scene reminds me

Of the words we spoke


I love to sit and think

How stunning nature is

How every living thing

Has beauty built within


As the breeze blows

I picture you sitting close

A hundred different stars in the sky

And still I can spot the dazzling you


A connection of energy

Holding us together

Like glue we cling

To time ever after


We are miles apart

And yet we share the same sky

I smile looking at the moon

Because in it, I see you


The voice of our mother

A daily painted picture

A landscape of love

Greet our open eyes


22 thoughts on “NATURALLY SOULFUL

  1. Was this done with you and another?

    Duet poetry seems so magical filled with unique lines of words and meaning!

    Nonetheless there is much in my writing, probably throughout my life? Not with nobody in particular mostly myself!



  2. Reblogged this on thisoldtoad and commented:
    I have been following hastywords only a short time they already effected my soul with a new light!

    toad (chris jensen)


  3. Rivers of water, rivers of stars. Each knows their way, to wrap peace still in the night, Meandering their paths, like words spilling through time. Lucid they flow, with saliva and tongue, as the warmth we exhale, free to chill on the run. Always awake, never asleep. Just lost in the haze for the sun so to speak. Where again the night falls for, rivers of water, rivers of stars. Here again rest awake, in the chill of the night, the chill here for hours.

    Have a bit of a thing (love) for rushing rivers, The Ways river in the sky, all caught up in the chill of the nights. That’s where I found myself going in the voice of the duet.

    Have a good weekend, Hasty, and you too A Shade of Pen!


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