Many of you saw recently that I had my face stolen.  Well, I can’t very well let the perpetrator get away with that kind of Tom Foolery without paying him back.  He is way more clever than I am and he knows how to weave a pretty hilarious story which I can not.  So I am simply going to tell you a story about a man and his life.  PMAO has a very interesting blog full of silly antics and some serious antics too.  Check him out if you haven’t yet.  What can I tell you about PMAO that he hasn’t already told you on his blog?  There are a couple things you probably won’t see on his blog….like…..

He was a fairly normal baby!


His birth was a bit strange but normal otherwise.


He went to school like everyone else and he had a billion friends.

I think it was because his mom was a knockout personally.

Monty baby color

It was when he got older things started getting a bit weird. 



He went through quite a few normal strange phases in his life.  His penchant for all things bloody was by far the most bizarre but it was short lived. 

He had a modeling gig once…he was really successful too.  But he doesn’t talk about it much because it sort of cramped his dating life a bit.

Even I get jealous looking at this picture! 


Life really started going his way when he finally figured out who he really was! 

I am glad to know this fun loving silly PMAO!!!!!


By the way Congrats….you were my 700th post 🙂

46 thoughts on “THE REAL PMAO

  1. Ummmm…. where do I even begin?
    Firstly, I did not have a normal childhood. I was a rather unattractive baby who cried a lot. I had weird waxy skin. I only weighed like 4 pounds when I was born, and I wasn’t healthy. I have pictures way back in my blog to prove all of this. Since I am adopted, I may very well have been hatched fom an egg, but I suspect that it was more of an alien type egg.
    My mom was not hot. If she was, I might have really have had a lot of friends. I had to settle for just a few friends. The good news is that they are awesome friends, and I still see them to this day.
    Yes, I do have nice boobs. But I have no ass at all anymore, and that is what killed my modeling career. That and the fact that I got sick of going to the bank with all those nickles.
    Blood… who doesn’t like blood? What else accounts for the popularity of all those vampire movies?
    But what I reall want to know is, am I the only one who thinks that last picture… the one where you didn’t change anything at all… is the weirdest one in the bunch???
    This was awesome.
    Thank you.
    I may have to do you again… (you know what I mean)…
    And I am going to reblog this later.
    Because this rocks!


  2. Hey… I reblooged this post. I have reblogged my own stuff… I am that self-centered… but I never reblogged any posts done by real people. Where does it go? I don’t see it on my blog or in the humor topic wall thing???


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