Today is HASTYWORDS 1st Anniversary!!!


I am not big on celebrations but I thought what better way to thank all my friends /readers/ followers /aliens /pets /warriors /stormtroopers /divas /royalty /daydreamers /and poets than to have a party.   Seriously folks…you deserve a party.  My OCD rarely allowed me to pass a weekday without barraging you with my emotional mind dumps.  Looking over my blog this last year I got a bit vaclempt…talk amongst yourselves while I gather myself.

I wanted this post to be a sort of summary of the past year.  A brief summary. I hope you see this post as a journey and that you make some new blogging friends along the way.  Blogging for me is about connection and you will find all sorts of connections in this blog so I hope you take advantage!  I valued every single comment and every single post I got the pleasure of reading.  There were soooo many I connected to.  Below I will highlight just a sample of things that occurred on my blog…but just know…it was so hard to pick just these few because I met and got to know so many wonderful people!

A few firsts:

              04/25/12     My first blog post  COPA LOVE

               10/04/12     My first reblog

               10/08/12     My first poetic duet

               10/12/12      My first guest post

My most emotional posts:

Your Kind of Love Ended Trust for Me

A Corinthians Kind of Love

Everyday We’re Shufflin

Where Imperfectly Perfect Goes to Die

Part 1 of 6 posts I did about the depression that nearly killed me

The Nightmarish Gorgeous Twits

My Name is Wife

A few of my favorite things:

Hasty Husband – Hearts Too Big To Fit Our Beds   I’ve written many pieces on my marriage and my husband but I picked this one because it summarizes how I feel nicely.

Hasty Kid My Beauty Is You   This is one of my favorite people and one of my happiest poems.  I write a lot about her….she is AMAZING!

ReblogRescue Me  This girl speaks my love language.  She is a beautiful soul and I am truly blessed to call her friend.  I love you Jen.  This post literally made me cry. Please take time to check out her blog….it is a blogging treasure.

Addiction- The Journal Of Wall Grimm 73 – Hasty’s Birthday   My favorite addiction is this ongoing story …I love the Wall Grimm Story. This was a beautiful birthday surprise and it made my day to read. If you want to participate and be a character check Sage’s blog out and contact him.  He is wonderful.

Guest Favorite – My Lighthouse Light by Ramey Price  I picked this one because I have an emotional connection to the words.  I see this differently than I did when I first posted it.  Visit this category to see contributions from all my other very talented friends!

Music Blog – Love Stories   I picked this one because it made me the happiest to revisit.

Short Story –   Fictional Relay – Part 11   This was my first attempt at a fictional relay. I love TRG and I love participating in TRG’s relay and it has been a wonderful addition to my blogging experience. If you want to join…check his blog out on my post! 

Poetic DuetWithout-you     I looked through all the duets.  They all mean so much to me I really couldn’t pick one.  But I picked this one because it was written with my very first duet partner.  And it is how I feel about hasty husband.  

Speaking of duets! 

I want to thank all of my blogging friends who helped me celebrate by posting a duet in honor of this day!!!!!  Below is a list of all the bloggers who participated with links to their duet pages.  Please visit all the repeats because each blogger displays their poetry differently and it is wonderful to see how each is creatively portrayed.  It is no secret that I love duets and the friendships I have made doing them. Please visit my Duet Partners Page if you haven’t and make friends with some beautiful and talented people. They are all amazing in my opinion!  I hope some great friendships were started by participating in this challenge 🙂

A Shade Of Pen

-Answering Questions

-Wandering Forever

Cara Theoron

-Hasty Anniversary


-Unique Pearls

Lyrical Anarchy

-Spiritual Raindrops

Mental Notes



-Time Travel 

-Unbridled Love 

-Punish Me Like You Hate Me 

Morbid Insanity


-Punish Me Like You Hate Me

Pouring My Art Out

You Think It’s the End of the World but….It’s Snot

Praying For One Day

-Answering Questions

Sage Doyle

-Celebration Day

-How Often You Wander



Sean Bidd

-Time Travel


-Get a Room

Talent Tap

-Unbridled Love


-Hitting the Right Flavor Notes

The Reclining Gentleman

-Hasty Anniversary

Think. Speak. Tryst

-My Velvet Angel

Too Full To Write

-Equestrian Maidens

-Hitting the Right Flavor Notes

-Spiritual Raindrops

-Unique Pearls


-Shattered-Broken Pieces

13th Paradigm

-Celebration Day

Weight State Negotiate


Just because you didn’t do a duet for this celebration doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  They are the best thing to come out of HastyWords this year in my opinion.  A lot of shared souls.  Again, thanks to every single one of the people who have stopped in to say hi!  UGH…so freaking honored!  This is dedicated to ALL of you!


32 thoughts on “CELEBRATE….JUST DUET

  1. I am so big on celebrations and everything..i love anniv and bday parties..but what a stupefying way to celebrate…for me WP is incomplete without you…I told you time and again and I would say again..I would never had found my lost creative streak if I hadn’t seen ur posts..may this blog live long and you get the coveted “freshly pressed” you truly deserve it…a lot of reading to do…LIVE LONG HASTY WORDS 🙂 a very happy first birthday/anniversary 🙂


  2. happy blogiversary to yooooooooooo
    happy blogiversary to yooooooooooo
    happy blogiversary dear Hastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    happy blogiversary to yooooooooooo

    Thank you for a year of love and friendship and support.
    Wub wooooo!!!! ❤


  3. Happy Anniversary Hasty – what an epic post! Thank you for introducing me to poetic duets, it certainly has been the best thing to ever happen to me since I started blogging, if I have any more fun I will explode! Have a great day.


  4. You have come so far from when I first ran into you. Of course, it wasn’t a year ago, it was less, but you’re much happier now, I think. And your writing is great. Keep going, and publish it! Keep being yourself. Keep teaching other people how to write and how to live.


  5. Congratulations Hasty — thanks for honoring yourself and this occasion by asking us all to play. You have had such a full blown year — so many rich memories to recap. Blessings and love to you as you begin your next solar blogging cycle, Alia


  6. Comon and celebrate! Also… I did award your blog with the Liebster Award. If you go to my blog and see my latest posting about the Liebster award, or click on the link to the Liebster awards and see the second award acceptance it will tell you all you need to know. 🙂 Congrats on an awesome blog!


  7. Geesh, I did all these poems for you and I wasn’t even around to say congratulations :/ Anyway, Congratulations! And, this is a brilliant post. I’m grateful to have helped you to celebrate because I got to work with 4 great poets, it was a lot of fun and an honor!


  8. Happy Fourth! When it arrives…You’ve come along way, traveled many miles in lines, words and conversations, shared in story, verse and art, art of both heart and soul, nature and love, places beneath weather’s veil, sunshine and sunset, like a Friday night slowdown on a winding road across a divides mountains, along long meandering rivers to wait at the edge, an edge where these rivers journey to kiss a tidal sea, in weather’s changes while gathering beneath, waiting on an inky blue, a rising moon and notes to your wind song and song-lines, the notes and words you only know, your unbroken story, your amazing history and rolling future, your love… Peace, Harmony and Kindness, all of your story maters … …


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